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TJ Boss vs. Sixx: Showdown of Destruction

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

TJ Boss will take on Salem Sinner Sixx in a massive main event at First Strike

Salem Sinner Sixx is heading for a major showdown with TJ Boss. That showdown will take place at HVW First Strike on Saturday, February 29 in Fletcher, North Carolina. The bout is the followup to the events of Resurrected, which saw Boss attacked by Sixx following the main event with JD Drake.

Drake has now moved on to a new chapter in NXT, but Boss cannot move on until his issues with Sixx are resolved. The Big Man on Campus is determined to send Sixx “back to hell’ and nothing will stand in his way. So who wins on February 29?

This is a dream matchup for many fans, who have been anxious to see this latest incarnation of Sixx in an HVW ring. The man known as Black Hell has made a career of raining down torment on every opponent and now he’s focusing his rage on Boss.

But it’s a different kind of rage because Sixx is a different kind of opponent. The Salem Sinner is dark, mysterious and enigmatic. He rarely ever speaks and no one really knows what his goals are. The only certainty about Sixx is that nothing is certain, which means he’s dangerously unpredictable. When others choose to shout their intentions to the world, Sixx remains quiet and lets his actions speak for him.

Sixx attacks Boss at Resurrected

It’s unknown why Sixx chose to target Boss at Resurrected. Sixx doesn’t exactly have a history of protecting anyone, as he’s always been more concerned with destruction. But considering Sixx came to Drake’s aid, it could be that this demonic force is now becoming a Dark Defender.

Or it could be that Sixx has a personal issue with Boss. Any past history between the two men should be in the past, as High Velocity Wrestling is moving forward with its new era. But there could be echoes of evil lurking in the shadows for Sixx. Or maybe the answer is much simpler. Maybe Sixx chose Boss because he was there. That answer is much more unsettling than perhaps anything else the HVW faithful could imagine.

Boss is not really a man to pick a fight with. Only the biggest and baddest in the sport have done so and only a select few of them still remain to tell the tale. Boss is all business between the ropes and he imposes his sheer force of will on his opponents through a level of brutality that only he can provide.

TJ hits first, he hits hard and his hits last forever. Drake has admitted that he’s never been chopped harder and that his battles with TJ have likely shaved years off of his career. Boss is the real deal in every sense of the word and when he’s in the ring, he owns it. But now he’s running into an opponent who’s more machine now than man, more twisted and evil.

So even though Sixx’s apparent newfound sense of fair-play is inspiring to fans, the truth of his motives should not be ignored. Every person that comes to HVW wants to be the best and while Sixx thrives on chaos, he surely wants to prove who is the Alpha Male of the company. At the end of the day, this match is as much about bragging rights as anything else.

Those bragging rights could lead the winner in a couple of different directions. The man who comes out victorious should be considered a top player in HVW, which means he would certainly be a contender for the company’s top championship. That championship will be decided in a tournament, to be held later in 2020. Both Sixx and Boss would most likely be more than ready for a shot at that prize.

But maybe a win at First Strike would be more about domination in the short term. Drake and Boss faced off in a battle of the big men, a match to determine who was the best powerhouse of them all. It’s a title that Drake believes he’s had for years and he proved that at Resurrected. However, Boss came within a heartbeat of winning the match and if he had, the landscape of HVW could look much different now.

But the fact that TJ is still on a mission means that he’s not yet willing to accept the mantle of “most powerful” in the company. Boss is a very proud competitor and though he’s not endeared himself to the fans, he does want to reign because he earned it. His methods of wining are highly suspect at times, but that does not mean he’s willing to be outworked or out-hustled by anyone.

Of course if Sixx wins this match, then he would be the man on top of the company and an HVW Championship run would perhaps be a foregone conclusion. Many fans have now sided with Sixx and he’s become one of the company’s most popular stars. But does that mean he’s the one that those same fans can imagine as the face of HVW?

JD Drake versus TJ Boss was a war. But TJ Boss versus Salem Sinner Sixx may be a massacre. Neither man will back down and neither man will surrender. This First Strike main event will be one for the ages and despite who wins, it’s sure to be a match that fans won’t soon forget.

Tom Clark is the Social Media Director and Lead Commentator for High Velocity Wrestling. He brings 10 years' worth of experience as a pro wrestling writer to the company and he is the host of two podcasts: The Official HVW Podcast and Tom Clark's Main Event. Both are available on iTunes, Google Play and YouTube

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