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The Rise of HVW's Ladies Division

HVW's Ladies Division has become the top story in the company

“Women have taken over the pro wrestling business.” HVW Owner and Promoter Gary Benfield spoke those words in 2019 and at the time, no one really knew what it meant for High Velocity Wrestling. The company announced that women would compete in an HVW ring for the first time at Resurrected on January 25, which was indeed a history making prospect.

But the history would not stop there, as women will now compete in an HVW tag team match for the first time ever at First Strike on February 29. What began as nothing more than a gimmick in the minds of some fans, has now taken on a life of its own. So what comes next?

Sadie Lee Moss and Hayden Ramsey are the featured stars of this story. Sadie is Everyone’s Favorite Mom, a real character who loves pro wrestling and more importantly, loves to entertain the fans. She brings a lighthearted flavor to her game and always leaves with a smile on her face. Or at least she did.

Hayden Ramsey is tough as nails, a streetwise fighter who cares less about the fans and more about the financials. She’s in HVW to get paid and better yet, to dominate. The company wanted a strong ladies division and in Ramsey’s mind, no one is a better cornerstone for that foundation than her, because no one is tougher. But not so much now.

Sadie and Hayden each learned a valuable lesson about the other at Resurrected. Sadie showed up and manned up, perhaps like never before. She was put on notice before the match even began thanks to Hayden, who came out and pushed her around. Ramsey set the tone for what was to come and Sadie knew that this would be much more than just a pro wrestling bout.

Of course, she surely knew that long before January 25. She and Hayden had exchanged words on social media for nearly three months leading up to Resurrected. The verbal jabs each woman threw became more and more vicious and while HVW fans were entertained, the issues between the two were growing deeper with each passing day.

It’s safe to say that Sadie Lee Moss was mentally prepared for the fight ahead of her. But it was impossible to know to what extent she would be prepared physically. Sadie’s signature smile was gone when the bell rang and she stepped up her game on every level.

Ramsey was knocked back on her heels and it’s entirely possible that she didn’t realize what Sadie was bringing to the table. It could very well be said that Hayden had underestimated her opponent from the very start. But the same is likely not true now.

Sadie, though she did prove her mettle at Resurrected, was certainly put on notice as well. Moss is very accustomed to letting her natural charm carry her through every situation. Some believe that this is actually a very calculated move on her part, as it gives the illusion that she never swats the circumstances. She always seems to be so happy and so carefree. She just never stresses, despite who’s standing across the ring from her.

But Moss discovered firsthand that this is no ordinary feud and Hayden Ramsey is not just any opponent. Ramsey is not in HVW to play games. She’s all business and anyone who gets in her way must be prepared for the chaos that follows. But neither woman blinked at Resurrected and there seems to be no end in sight. However now, a new wrinkle has been added.

Gary Benfield announced after the Resurrected war between Sadie and Hayden, that their issues would continue into First Strike. That continuation would play out as a tag team match, which meant that both women had to find partners for February 29. Moss and Ramsey did exactly that.

Lynzee Pike was only too happy to step up for Sadie. Pike had no personal agenda, other than the desire to see a bully dealt with in the middle of the ring. Lynzee did not care for the way Hayden carried herself and that has led to Pike’s union with Moss. But while Lynzee seemingly has no agenda, the same cannot be said for Ramsey’s partner.

Kaitlyn Marie will team with Hayden at First Strike. Marie is supposedly interested in silencing Moss, to perhaps put Everyone’s Favorite Mom in her place. So Kaitlyn’s motives are clear, though there is no doubt that she, like Lynzee, are surely also interested in what’s ahead for HVW’s Ladies Division.

That division is still in its infancy, which means there’s plenty of room for new growth. The doors are open and all four women have an opportunity to make their way in the company. So while both Pike and Marie are onboard with their respective partners, it will be interesting to see where all of this leads in the future.

First Strike is yet another history making moment for the Ladies Division in HVW. But those moments are far from over, as High Velocity Wrestling continues to move forward. Resurrected was the first chapter and at First Strike, a new page will be written.

Tom Clark is the Social Media Director and Lead Commentator for High Velocity Wrestling. He brings 10 years' worth of experience as a pro wrestling writer to the company and he is the host of two podcasts: The Official HVW Podcast and Tom Clark's Main Event. Both are available on iTunes, Google Play and YouTube

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