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Is a New War on the Horizon in HVW?

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

A new war between HVW's past and future could be brewing

High Velocity Wrestling is very much a tale of two companies right now. On one side is HVW’s past, which is recognized and often revisited. Without the stars that paved the way during HVW’s first incarnation, there would be no HVW today.

But the current crop of HVW stars definitely have their place as well. Today’s generation represents the future of High Velocity Wrestling, without which, there is no tomorrow for HVW. In a perfect world, these two sides would coexist with no issue. However it’s becoming increasingly obvious that this is simply not the case.

There have been rumblings in the HVW locker room and those rumblings have spread beyond the company’s four walls. Some of the veterans are complaining that HVW belongs to them and truth be told, there is some merit to their argument.

HVW’s history is an important part of the company’s foundation, there is no doubt about that. From a business standpoint, it only makes sense to honor that history because many of the fans that now follow HVW followed HVW before as well. Why not bring back the veteran stars responsible for putting High Velocity Wrestling on the map in the first place?

But the younger stars who are now part of HVW have every right to lay claim to the company in its current incarnation. After all, they’re bringing new fans to the table and HVW’s future success obviously depends on strengthening the fanbase now. So yes, some of High Velocity’s new faces are beyond eager to prove their worth in the company’s relaunch.

However the issue is that the locker room whispers are now growing louder. Much of that is thanks to Chrisifix. The Greek Wolverine is an HVW original and a former top titleholder for the company. He was trained in HVW and he rose to prominence in the sport thanks to his work in the company.

Chris has not been shy about staking his claim to HVW and that’s understandable. But the issue is that Chrisifix’s approach has never been politically correct enough for fans, who want to see the best talents in HVW, regardless of which side those talents are on. In Chrisifix’s mind, there is only one HVW original who matters and at the end of the day, there’s only one HVW star who should have the spotlight. Not surprisingly, that star is him.

Enter Ken Magnum, who took exception with Chrisifix’s claims. The Loaded Gunz made his feelings known via video at Resurrected on January 25, following The Greek Wolverine’s loss to Mitch Hurley. Magnum stated his belief that he is the one true HVW original and in the process, disputed Chris’s position as the top star in the sport.

Magnum evidently feels that he left HVW in good hands before the company previously closed its doors. But now that HVW is back and Chrisifix is in the spotlight, Ken feels that there are big problems ahead. So what happens now?

The big question here is how deep does the divide between the veterans and the newer stars go? While Chrisifix rages against the future, are more veteran stars on the verge of making their voices heard as well? The issue there is that Chrisifix doesn’t seem to have any allies at this point. Or perhaps, none of them are willing to go public just yet.

Then there’s the question of whether or not the next generation of HVW stars are doing themselves a disservice by focusing too much on the past. How much of a distraction is this issue right now? Will that distraction be enough to invalidate their effectiveness on today’s HVW audience?

The fact is that the modern High Velocity fanbase, while they respect the past, want the new stars as well. One of those stars is The Great Alexander Moss, who will face Chrisifix at First Strike on February 29. Not only was TGA not intimidated by Chris’s reputation, the truth is that Moss asked for this match. TGA is not backing down.

Ken Magnum promised that he would see Chrisifix at First Strike. Chris recently mocked Magnum, as he’s done on more than one occasion, by questioning if Ken will have the guts to actually show up in person this time. It’s unknown if Magnum will indeed be in attendance on February 29, though he has been invited to appear.

Perhaps the locker room scuttlebutt is just that and nothing more. It could very well be that Chrisifix is operating with his own agenda, independent of anyone else on the roster. But if there is some more going on behind the scenes, as does seem to be the case, then it’s possible that this story is only just beginning.

Tom Clark is the Social Media Director and Lead Commentator for High Velocity Wrestling. He brings 10 years' worth of experience as a pro wrestling writer to the company and he is the host of two podcasts: The Official HVW Podcast and Tom Clark's Main Event. Both are available on iTunes, Google Play and YouTube

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