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HVW First Strike News, Notes and Results

HVW First Strike is in the books and Tom Clark gives analysis on the entire event

HVW First Strike is in the books for 2020 and it was an incredible night of action. All of the High Velocity Wrestling stars stepped up and delivered as only they can and that includes the new faces as well.

HVW is very much a tale of two companies and that was once again evident on February 29. The established veterans were on their game and the best of today’s generation were definitely a force to be reckoned with. This event had a little something for everyone and by the end, there was no doubt that HVW is rolling in the right direction.

The night began with a singles match featuring Ace Armstrong versus Austin Jordan. Longtime HVW fans were very familiar with Armstrong, so they knew what to expect. Ace’s experience level was much more impressive than before of course and he came extremely close to getting the win.

But The A-Game would not be denied. Austin Jordan brought everything he had to this match and even though Armstrong maintained the advantage through much of the bout, Jordan weathered the storm. In the end, Austin Jordan received the better payday and some bragging rights to go along with it.

Austin Jordan

The second match of the night was more complex than anyone anticipated. The Teller Brothers were scheduled to face 1776 in a return match of sorts. It was I.M. Righteous who gave the assist to The New Age Villains at Resurrected. Without his help, it’s entirely possible that The NAV would have left with a loss.

Nick Nitro and Darren Remington wanted revenge on Righteous and understandably so. But instead,The Teller Brothers did not show up and Righteous was left holding the bag. So, He brought in Elijah Proctor, who made his HVW debut as a result. But Righteous also used John Matthews, who competed against his will. Righteous may have had Matthews’ contract for First Strike, but he did not have the victory in the end.

Triple Threat chaos erupted when Jake Jacobs, Taylor Pope and Erik Thompson stepped into the HVW ring. Jacobs is believed by many to be the best raw talent in the sport today and he proved it in this match. Thompson and Pope delivered and each man had an opportunity to win, but in the end, it was Jacobs who won the day.

Chrisifix versus The Great Alexander Moss was up next and both men were obviously determined to make a statement. The match was fast and furious at times while at other times, it was a bit more methodical. This was a pure pro wrestling match from start to finish, with real drama and competitive fire from both men.


But Chrisifix was incredibly focused. He actually took an unfair advantage to get the win, but it should not subtract from his overall effort. The Greek Wolverine believes himself to be the top guy in HVW and that belief has been positively reinforced. TGA is a great example of today’s generation and he did live up to the hype, though it was not enough this time out.

However, this match was largely overshadowed by the threat of Ken Magnum That threat proved to be a reality, when The Loaded Gunz came to the ring after the match to confront Chrisifix.

Magnum is not happy with Chris, due to the latter’s attack on the fresh faces of HVW. Magnum has become the voice of the new stars, while Chrisifix has taken up the mantle of the HVW originals and he feels he’s the only original that matters.

The Ladies Division was represented for the first time in an HVW semi-main event when Hayden Ramsey and Kaitlyn Marie faced Sadie Lee Moss and Lynzee Pike. This match was a continuation of the rivalry between Ramsey and Moss, who began feuding at Resurrected on January 25.

It was believed that their problems would possibly be resolved at First Strike, but that did not happen. Kaitlyn Marie, who made her HVW debut, decided from the beginning that she didn’t need Hayden Ramsey’s help. Kaitlyn refused to tag out, leaving Hayden boiling on the ring apron.

Hayden Ramsey

Lynzee Pike also made her debut in this match and she did everything she could to make a great first impression. That effort did not go in vain, as she and Sadie did win the bout. But that win came because Hayden refused a tag from Kaitlyn. Ramsey was more than a little frustrated by Kaitlyn and decided she wanted nothing more to do with the match.

Unfortunately for Kaitlyn, she was distracted by the situation long enough to get cinched up by Sadie, who made her tap out. A video from Savannah Evans soon appeared on the big screen and it was announced that she was coming to HVW in June of 2020.

But when Evans gets there, she will not cross Hayden Ramsey’s path. That’s because Hayden was attacked with a crowbar backstage by Kaitlyn Marie. Kaitlyn was furious that Hayden left her alone during the match, causing Kaitlyn to snap and take matters in her own hands. HVW has since learned that Hayden Ramsey is out of commission and is due to have knee surgery very soon.

TJ Boss

The main event was a battle for the ages, as TJ Boss went one-on-one with The Salem Sinner Sixx. Both men physically destroyed each other and when it was over, Boss was the one left standing in the middle of the ring. Sixx’s mission still appears to be unknown, as he definitely wanted to take Boss down. Only time will tell where both men go from here.

The First Strike card promised to be huge and that’s exactly what it was. But the action in the ring wasn’t the only moment to make headlines, as the future of the HVW Championship was finally announced.

The championship will become active once again on June 27 in a single elimination tournament. TJ Boss is surely interested in this tourney and the same is true of Chrisifix, who would love nothing more than to become the new HVW champion.

First Strike 2020 was a great sophomore effort for High Velocity Wrestling. Some issues were addressed, while others have only gotten worse. But the fact is that as long as the company provides the platform, the stars will have the opportunity to shine and the fans will love every second of it.

Tom Clark is the Social Media Director and Lead Commentator for High Velocity Wrestling. He brings 10 years' worth of experience as a pro wrestling writer to the company and he is the host of two podcasts: The Official HVW Podcast and Tom Clark's Main Event. Both are available on iTunes, Google Play and YouTube

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