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HVW First Strike 2020 Full Preview

HVW seeks to continue its comeback story with First Strike on February 29

HVW First Strike is nearly here. The followup to January 25’s Resurrected, was announced just two days after the massive return show which put High Velocity Wrestling back on the map. For the first time in over five years, HVW was a living, breathing entity and the pro wrestling scene in Western North Carolina would never be the same again.

So as the final preparations are made for First Strike, it’s perhaps the best time for HVW fans to take a moment and focus on the event. First Strike is set to deliver on every level and considering the massive card that’s involved, it’s no wonder why fans of all ages are anxious to see the drama unfold on February 29.

Ace Armstrong vs. Austin Jordan

The opening match of First Strike is a must-see affair, as Ace Armstrong returns to an HVW ring. Longtime High Velocity fans are well aware of who Ace is and they’re also very aware of what he can do between the ropes. Armstrong is looking to reclaim the spot that he once held in the company and he’s anxious to do just that at First Strike.

But the man standing in his way is also looking to establish himself as well. Austin Jordan is a well-known face around the sport, but he may not be familiar to the HVW faithful. However, he is intent on changing that as he wants to become one of the company’s mainstay stars. Fans should expect this match to be both competitive and high octane as well, as both men seek a win in First Strike’s kickoff bout of the night.

1776 vs. The Teller Brothers

This match would perhaps not be possible, if not for the actions of I.M. Righteous. Righteous made his presence known at Resurrected, where he stole the spotlight and announced that he was coming back to the company. The audience may not have known what his intentions were at the time, but they soon understood as the night went on.

Righteous interfered on the behalf of The New Age Villains during their match with 1776. Nathan Cross and Ryan Riley were holding their own against Darren Remington and Nick Nitro, but Righteous was the X-Factor in the end. Thanks to his assist, The NAV won and 1776 left with vengeance on their minds. Now, Righteous is bringing JJ and Max Teller to First Strike and the problems between the controversial manager and 1776 are sure to continue.

Jake Jacobs vs. Taylor Pope vs. Erik Thompson

HVW is a company in transition, as the veterans of the promotion mix with today’s crop of new stars. Three of those new stars will collide when Jake Jacobs, Taylor Pope and Erik Thompson square off in a Triple Threat Match at First Strike.

Much like Ace Armstrong and Austin Jordan, these three men are ready to make an impact in HVW. Jacobs is considered by many to be one of the hottest prospects in the sport, as he has worked incredibly hard to build his resume outside of HVW. But Pope and Thompson are both vying for the spot that Jacobs believes he’s destined to take. There will likely be no time to breathe in this one, as the trio fight to win the day at First Strike.

Chrisifix vs. TGA

The tale of two companies scenario is in full effect with Chrisifix versus TGA. The Great Alexander Moss is believed to be the future of HVW, a man whose upside in the sport is tremendous. TGA brings raw talent and charisma to the company and he’s already gained the support of fans with just one match at Resurrected.

But standing across the ring from him is an HVW original. Chrisifix is a man who feels that he should be the face of the promotion. He believes that the new generation has a lot to learn and he’s the one to school them as they come to High Velocity Wrestling. However, The Greek Wolverine has a major problem heading into this match as Ken Magnum has promised a confrontation with him in the ring. Chrisifix versus TGA alone is worth the price of admission, but the appearance of Magnum instantly makes this one a can’t-miss event.

Sadie Lee Moss & Lynzee Pike vs. Hayden Ramsey & Kaitlyn Marie

HVW changed the game with the addition of the brand new Ladies Division. For the first time ever, women competed in a High Velocity ring at Resurrected. Sadie Lee Moss and Hayden Ramsey brawled all over the building, as well as in the ring, leaving no doubt as to their toughness in the once male dominated sport.

But their problems were not resolved and now they’re bringing backup to their rivalry at First Strike. Lynzee Pike will team with Sadie and Kaitlyn Marie will team with Hayden. Both of the newest additions to HVW are ready for their moment in the spotlight, but they may not be ready for the war that Moss and Ramsey started back on January 25. This match is the semi-main event, as the ladies continue to make history in HVW.

TJ Boss vs. Salem Sinner Sixx

Resurrected delivered the biggest main event in HVW history, as JD Drake and TJ Boss destroyed each other in the ring. The Blue Collar Badass and The Big Man on Campus were both determined to prove who the best big man in the sport truly is and they wrecked each other to win that title. Drake came out with the victory in the end, but Boss was the last man standing.

Of course, that was until The Salem Sinner Sixx dropped him in the middle of the squared circle.

Sixx’s return shocked the pro wrestling world and gave every HVW fan a reason to be excited for First Strike. Sixx made it known that night that he wanted TJ and now he has him. When these two monsters do battle on February 29, they are sure to smash and destroy everything in their path. The winner of this match could very well be the man to hold High Velocity Wrestling in the palm of his hand moving forward.

Tom Clark is the Social Media Director and Lead Commentator for High Velocity Wrestling. He brings 10 years' worth of experience as a pro wrestling writer to the company and he is the host of two podcasts: The Official HVW Podcast and Tom Clark's Main Event. Both are available on iTunes, Google Play and YouTube

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