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Has Kaitlyn Marie Taken Over the HVW Ladies Division?

Kaitlyn Marie made a huge statement at HVW First Strike, leading many to feel she's taken over the Ladies Division

HVW First Strike is the talk of the pro wrestling world. The February 29 event was certainly a memorable one, as fresh faces came to the table and new feuds began. Most of the focus has been on Kaitlyn Marie and for all the wrong reasons.

Kaitlyn tagged with Hayden Ramsey against Sadie Lee Moss and Lynzee Pike in the semi-main event. Many HVW fans were not familiar with Marie or Pike, but both women proved their toughness throughout the match. But Kaitlyn took her game to another level after the bout, leading many to believe that she’s on her way to taking over the Ladies Division in HVW.

Kaitlyn refused to tag out through the match. Hayden Ramsey wanted in the bout, but she never saw any action. Then, when Kaitlyn truly needed to get out, Hayden refused her hand. After the match, Kaitlyn took a crowbar and viciously attacked Hayden backstage.

The attack was unexpected, as it seemed that Kaitlyn and Hayden were on the same page heading into the match. But once the opening bell rang, it became obvious that Kaitlyn didn’t want any help.

So while Ramsey’s actions in the bout were understandable, Kaitlyn’s response really wasn’t. Why take things that far? Was Kaitlyn Marie truly that upset about Hayden refusing the tag that she would destroy her? Or was there much more at play here than anyone knows?

Hayden Ramsey

Is it possible that Kaitlyn Marie had this attack planned all along? Hayden Ramsey had no reason to believe that Kaitlyn, her friend, would betray her in such a manner. But Kaitlyn did it so easily and with such fervor, that the entire situation definitely seemed to be premeditated. But why?

Why sabotage the match in the first place, especially when the win was up for grabs? This was Kaitlyn’s first HVW match and the winner always gets a better payday. If Kaitlyn had actually worked with Hayden and not against her, the pair would perhaps have walked away with the victory. That victory would surely have made a great impression on the HVW Board of Directors, which would have been a good thing for Kaitlyn.

But she threw all of that away in favor of the brutality after the bell. While it seems insane that Kaitlyn would indeed harm her own chances at success in HVW, it’s entirely possible that real success is exactly what she had in mind.

The fact is that the Ladies Division in HVW centered on Hayden Ramsey and Sadie Lee Moss. Now, Hayden is out of action and any hope fans had of seeing her square off with Sadie again is over, for now. So instead of talking about that rematch, fans are talking about Kaitlyn Marie. Was this the goal all along?

Now that Hayden is out of the picture, a spot has opened up and Kaitlyn Marie has taken that spot. She’s changed the landscape of the HVW Ladies Division and now all bets are off when it comes to who will be the Alpha Female of the company. The star to hold that title will likely hold another title at the same time.

The HVW Ladies Championship is on the horizon. While there’s been no timetable as to when the company will introduce the title, the fact is that the division is too big and too important to ignore. HVW is shining a major spotlight on the ladies and those ladies deserve a prize to fight for.

By eliminating arguably the toughest woman in HVW, Kaitlyn Marie has solidified herself as a player. She impressed between the ropes at First Strike and now she’s ready to impress on April 25. That’s the night when women main event in High Velocity Wrestling for the very first time and Kaitlyn is indeed part of that match.

But one of her competitors is a woman that many HVW fans believe is the x-factor. Her name is Savannah Evans and she’s one of the most accomplished stars in the sport today. The woman known as The Cannibal devours her opponents and leaves no meat on the bone. She’s ruthless, she’s vicious and she’s always ready for war. In other words, she’s another version of Kaitlyn Marie.

The problem for Evans is that Kaitlyn has already eliminated one woman she perceived as a threat. Savannah is coming in with a world of hype around her and she’s enjoying the majority of the spotlight. How long until Kaitlyn decides that Savannah also needs to be removed from the equation?

The fact is that many HVW fans didn’t know Kaitlyn Marie’s name before First Strike. But now, everyone is talking about her. She’s made a massive impact on the Ladies Division and the company as well. She’s unapologetic and she’s dangerously ambitious. She’s the kind of killer that commands respect, but also a healthy amount of fear as well. Kaitlyn Marie is an unavoidable presence in HVW and she could very well become the unmatched power on top of the company.

Tom Clark is the Social Media Director and Lead Commentator for High Velocity Wrestling. He brings 10 years' worth of experience as a pro wrestling writer to the company and he is the host of two podcasts: The Official HVW Podcast and Tom Clark's Main Event. Both are available on iTunes, Google Play and YouTube


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