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Are Mitch Hurley and Chrisifix Heading for a War in HVW?

Mitch Hurley defeated Chrisifix at Resurrected, but this story may not be over

Mitch Hurley’s win over Chrisifix at Resurrected on January 25 continues to be a hot-button topic for HVW fans. Much of that is due to the fact that The California Dream picked up the victory very unexpectedly, which obviously sent The Greek Wolverine into a rage afterward.

Indeed, it seemed as though the two men were just getting started when Hurley rolled Chris up for the pin. Chrisifix turned his attention to the crowd, which was a crucial misstep in the bout. That moment opened the door just wide enough for Mitch to get the drop on Chris and then the match was over. But it could be that their feud is far from over.

Hurley versus Chris seemed to be a mismatch from the beginning, especially because of the size difference between the two. The old boxing adage that a great big man beats a great little man every time was perhaps in play here. After all, Mitch Hurley came in with a 70 pound advantage over Chrisifix, which lead many to believe that the outcome was inevitable.

But Chrisifix is a former HVW champion, so he’s very accustomed to being on the defense in a match. The challenger is always on the offensive, because the titleholder isn’t really working for the pin, he’s just trying to survive. Chrisifix has obviously been down that road before and most importantly, he knew what was being said about him before Resurrected.

Hurley vs Chrisifix at Resurrected

Chris’s ego was perhaps a bit too much and everyone knew it. The Greek Wolverine has always been confident in his ability to win, but he really went the extra mile this time to prove his point. Chrsifix cut more than one promo on Hurley heading into Resurrected and with each one, Chris’s arrogance increased.

The feud was less about the actual match and more about the bragging rights that would go the winner. Chrisifix was convinced that he could not lose to Hurley. Mitch didn’t have a chance against him and the match was nothing more than a formality. In his mind, Chrisifix had already won.

But Mitch Hurley seemed to sense that from the start. Hurley’s laidback delivery in his own promos was undeniable, especially when compared to the intensity shown by his Resurrected opponent. Mitch displayed his own swagger with his words and that was perhaps a direct result of Chrisifix’s overconfidence.

Mitch knew that Chrisifix was already looking past him, so he used that to his advantage. Hurley recently posted a video online, in which he addressed the moment that lead to his victory at Resurrected.

“Bro what was it, three, four, five promos in before our match, warning me not to show up? Telling me I’m gonna get my fix? Blah, blah, blah, whatever. And what happens? I get to the show and I catch you trippin. You start dancing around, posing and then boom: schoolboy! One, two, three.”

Hurley went on to say that he was actually disappointed that the match ended the way it did, because of the training time he put in preparing for Chrisifix. It’s safe to say that Mitch Hurley not only won the match, he obviously won the aforementioned bragging rights as well. So what happens now?

It’s curious that Hurley would comment on his Resurrected match nearly three weeks after the fact. The California Dream has been fairly quiet about his win and suddenly, he chose to talk about it. Maybe Hurley wanted to stoke the fire a bit or maybe he simply wanted to put the rest of the HVW locker room on notice.

Or perhaps there’s more to this than meets the eye. Hurley’s video came just days after Chrsifix’s promo on The Great Alexander Moss. Chrisifix will face TGA at First Strike on February 29 and once again, The Greek Wolverine is billing his match as an old school versus new school affair.

That narrative is one that has been slow rolling to the point of boiling over the past few months n HVW. Chrisifix seems intent on putting the focus directly on that narrative and it could be that Mitch Hurley is taking exception to it.

Maybe Hurley’s video is meant to rattle Chrisifix, if for no other reason than to throw The Greek Wolverine off his game. Hurley and TGA are two of HVW’s hottest stars, so there could be a kinship there. If so, Mitch is perhaps doing nothing more than looking out for his new school ally.

Or maybe the single match feud between Mitch Hurley and Chrisifix is on the way to becoming a full time rivalry. The bad blood between them definitely seems to still be there and it could lead to another confrontation between them at some point. Chrisifix versus Mitch Hurley was one of the most anticipated matches in HVW history. It’s entirely possible that bout was just the first chapter of a much longer story.

Tom Clark is the Social Media Director and Lead Commentator for High Velocity Wrestling. He brings 10 years' worth of experience as a pro wrestling writer to the company and he is the host of two podcasts: The Official HVW Podcast and Tom Clark's Main Event. Both are available on iTunes, Google Play and YouTube

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